Tuesday, November 19th at 4pm EST (Free!)

David Bergman has made a name for himself for everything from his iconic shots of Bon Jovi on tour to his GigaPan image of President Obama’s first inauguration that got more than 20 million views worldwide. But, this self-professed “band geek” didn’t set out to be a photographer. In fact, he started out studying music production at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where, incidentally, he also found himself taking pictures of bands, rather than wanting to play in them.

David's work spans from sports to music to politics to video. He’s shot for Sports Illustrated,, CBS, The Travel Channel, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, numerous musicians and record labels, and has even started a series of workshops.

In this webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 19th at 4pm EST, learn directly from David as he tells his story about making the move from music production major to staff photographer to freelancer. Learn what he’s done to leverage professional relationships, how he’s taken on and learned new techniques to keep his work relevant, and what it’s really like to hang around and photograph a stadium packed show with Bon Jovi.