NEW WEBINAR: How To Know When To Rent vs. Buy Photo Gear

Tuesday, August 13th at 4pm ET

You might dream every night of buying a brand new telephoto lens or the latest because owning it means that you’ll shoot better and win more business automatically, right? Sometimes renting is really the better option – you can try out different gear, take advantage of tax breaks, and “afford” that high end gear that you could never buy on your own. But when’s the right time to buy vs. rent?

LensProToGo is a beloved national camera & lens rental company staffed entirely by working professional photographers. In this live webinar on Tuesday, August 13th at 4pm ET, Brian Tetrault from LensProToGo will help you answer: to rent or to buy? 

To help you make the decision, Brian will cover:

  • Why you might even consider renting equipment
  • What types of shoots and circumstances make sense for renting
  • What gear is good to buy vs. rent
  • How to breakdown and compare the cost of buying vs. renting