NEW WEBINAR: Stylize Your Portrait Photography Using Photoshop Basics

Tuesday, April 23rd at 4pm ET

In this webinar on Tuesday April 23rd at 4pm ET, special guest Aaron Nace will do a live retouching tutorial featuring a combination of simple techniques in Photoshop. Aaron is the Founder and President of Phlearn, the #1 Photoshop site that publishes free episodes to help creatives learn Photoshop and photography techniques. Aaron is also a working and widely recognized photographer.

Aaron will go over several basic Photoshop techniques, and then demonstrate how they can be used to stylize your images. He’ll cover:

•    Retouching using dodge and burn
•    Color correction
•    Adding a focal point to an image
•    Shaping a face using highlight and shadow
•    Adding makeup in Photoshop

Each technique can be learned in under a minute and is powerful by itself - combined together, amazing results can be achieved. Join us on Tuesday, April 23rd for this live webinar with Phlearn.