NEW WEBINAR: Your Photo’s Copyright Has Been Infringed: Now What?

Tuesday, August 6th at 4pm ET

Carolyn E. Wright is better known in the industry as The Photo Attorney. She’s a full-time attorney and professional photographer whose practice is focused exclusively on the legal needs of photographers.

In this live webinar on Tuesday, August 6th at 4pm ET, Carolyn will share her expertise on copyright infringement claims. The digital age has brought on a whole host of new issues and questions for photographers. Carolyn will shed light on what need to know when they think they’ve been infringed – she’ll cover:

*Key provisions of copyright law
*How to determine whether your copyright has in fact been infringed
*How to assess whether you should take legal action
*Understanding the time, resource, and emotional impact of a lawsuit
*Trends in copyright law today

Note: The information presented is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.