A webinar presented by PhotoShelter & the American Society of Picture Professionals

Tuesday December 17th, 4pm ET

Worried about your images floating around online without any way to trace them back to you or your organization? Have thousands of images stored on hard drives you’re looking to get organized or posted online to make them searchable? Think it’s just your website that gets you discovered by buyers? Think again. Getting organized to make your images searchable, findable, and valuable -- on your desktop or on the web -- starts with good archiving and tagging practices. 

Adding metadata to individual images is a free way to help find images faster, get discovered by buyers, protect copyright, and enhance sales. In a nutshell: it’s an essential step in any photographer’s, photo researcher’s, photo editor’s or photo archivist’s workflow. 

Whether you’re a metadata pro or new to the game, this webinar will break down the techniques and tools you need to to track your image files and create an archiving system that works harder for you.

Join us and ASPP on Dec. 17th, 4pm ET as Sam Merrell, VP of ASPP, and David Riecks, one of the leading authorities in the field of metadata practices, to get real advice you can take with you the next time you upload and store images, feel ready to tackle the job of organizing and keywording your archive, and learn time saving tips to get it done.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
• 3 great techniques to make image archiving easier & faster
• The power of using image metadata
• Free tools you can use to view and update metadata
• Techniques to add tracking & job info to image files
• How to save time organizing and finding images