The Photographer's Workflow: Pinpointing Your Trouble Points & Finding a Solution

Wednesday, October 23rd at 4pm ET

In this webinar Jared Bauman, the Founder and President of ShootDotEdit, will discuss workflow best practices and how achieving high levels of efficiency after the shoot can be your key to not only keeping clients returning but gaining new ones as well. "A photographer's workflow is a long and complicated string of events that begins at booking and ends when the final products are shipped to the customer,"  says Jared, who's a photographer himself.

He'll walk you through creating a post-shoot process that works for you, identifying the steps that are your obstacles to being more productive, and - importantly - how outsourcing parts of your work to professionals can actually help you grow your business.

Join us Wednesday, Oct. 23rd at 4pm ET and learn from Jared:

  • How to tailor your workflow so you can put more focus on what you truly love to do
  • How to identify pain points, and what bottlenecks you encounter from shoot to delivery
  • Outsourcing portions of your workflow: what ShootDotEdit provides for photographers

Jared has been photographing for years, as well as helping photographers be able to focus on the part of their business that makes them money, taking pictures. He's spoken at Creative Live on topics such as workflow, pricing, and more.

More about ShootDotEdit: ShootDotEdit is the first choice post-processing partner for the professional wedding photographer, and everything they shoot: weddings, engagement sessions, families, etc. They provide turnaround in as fast as 48 hours. Fast is best, and no one is faster.