In order to submit:

  • You must be a PhotoShelter member in good standing. (Not a member? Sign up to take advantage!)  
  • Your image submissions must be publicly searchable

Please also keep the following in mind:

  • You may submit vertical images in addition to horizontal. 
  • You may submit new as well as archived images. 
  • If selected, your name will be included beneath your image, and it will link directly to your PhotoShelter website. 
  • If selected, your image caption will be included beneath your image. 

The Submission Process

1. Perform a tight edit. Each member may submit up to 10 images per month. 

  • If you are sending one image, grab the direct, public link to this image. 
  • If you are sending more than one image at a time, create a public gallery of images in the "Unlisted on Website" section of your Image Browser, and grab the gallery's URL. 

2. Send the following information to [email protected] 

  • The link to your gallery or single image submission
  • Captions for all submitted images, if they do not already exist within the metadata
  • Links to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages, if you would like us to include them

Review and Notification

Every two weeks, the selected photographers will be notified individually when their images are chosen for our next Selects send. Those who are not selected are encouraged to submit again!

The review process is done on a rolling basis. When making our selections, we look for striking individual imagery and websites that represent our talented and diverse photographer base, however we will also look for themes in the submissions and may put together specific Selects editions. Because of this, it is very likely that incredibly strong imagery may be passed up. We hope this won't discourage you from continuing to send us your great work!